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Foreman II

Job Title: Foreman II

Summary: Plans and manages onsite installation, and ensures timely project completion with high quality service and cost effective labor and material management. Functions as installation manager with budget, personnel, technical, customer and administrative responsibility. Position requires valid driver’s license in good standing.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Maintains and exceeds all duties and responsibilities of a Foreman I.
  2. Demonstrates understanding of and proficiency in installing waterfall features (over four feet high).
  3. Installs standard and semi-custom water slides projects to code.
  4. Installs steps and small-to-medium sized grottos (up to six feet).
  5. Consistently achieves 99.9 percent or higher overall customer satisfaction rating.
  6. Completes waterfall installation without issues or call backs, and within budget.
  7. Ensures understanding of all company safety policies and procedures, and enforces team member compliance (wearing hard hats, safety glasses, safety vests and any other required equipment) when completing projects.
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