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Foreman I

Job Title: Foreman I

Summary: Plans and manages onsite installation, and ensures timely project completion with high quality service and cost effective labor and material management. Functions as installation manager with budget, personnel, technical, customer and administrative responsibility. Position requires valid driver’s license in good standing.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Must maintain and exceed all duties and responsibilities from Waterfall Technician positions.
  2. Demonstrates understanding of and proficiency in installing waterfall features (up to four feet high).
  3. Achieves 99.9 percent overall customer satisfaction rating.
  4. Completes waterfall installations without issues or call backs, and within budget.
  5. Plans, organizes and directs a crew of project installers.
  6. Supervises the delivery of materials, construction tools and equipment.
  7. Records production when required.
  8. Possesses knowledge of waterfall enhancement options and provides customers with suggestions to add items such as steps, railings etc. Calculates and issues change order to customer/vendor and secures change order approval.
  9. Helps train and develop lead men and installers.
  10. Possesses high English speaking proficiency, and effectively communicates with Aquatic Artists’ team members, pool builders, architects, engineers, township inspectors and vendors about the project details and scope (including progress, payments, issues, changes, etc.).
  11. Ensures understanding of all company safety policies and procedures, and enforces team member compliance (wearing hard hats, safety glasses, safety vests and any other required equipment) when completing projects.

Responsibility and Decision-Making Skills

  1. Accepts accountability for project success, cost, completion schedule, customer satisfaction and job site appearance and cleanliness.
  2. Maintains detailed and complete records of installation project, including daily job cost sheet, material purchases/returns, truck weights, customer payments, and punch list., and provides these records to the Office Manager daily.
  3. Communicates with management, and documents in writing problems/issues with project, personnel or equipment.
  4. Anticipates and responds to project issues or changes and makes appropriate decisions to resolve problems.
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