Petrongolo J – Hammonton, NJ

Aquatic Artists was hired to complete a Pond renovation at this home on the Mullica River in Hammonton, NJ.  Twenty-five years ago, Aquatic Artists built the original koi pond and the customer wanted to refresh the pond and the space around it.  Our craftsmen removed the old pond and filtration system and replaced it with a new koi pond that is fifty percent bigger and has a commercial filtration system.  Also, the new pond we crafted is deeper, has multiple waterfalls that flow into it, and per the customer request has a grotto built for the Blessed Mother. 

In addition, we incorporated IPE Brazilian Hardwood decking surrounding the pond and a portion of the pool.  We also installed a bridge that goes over a portion of the pond and cantilevers out over the bulkhead with stainless steel railings. Lastly, we installed railroad ties on the back of the water feature, and we redid the coping and tile on the pool.