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Pool Slides

Pool Waterfalls with Slides – It’s important to consult with an expert when installing a waterfall with a slide in your backyard. And, as crafting natural stone waterfalls is SOLELY what we do, we know all the ins and outs of the process, including how best to cover and integrate the slide as part of the complete water feature.

When installing waterfall with slides, considerations span from the required depth at pool entry to the most desirable path users should follow for optimum traffic flow. Along with using the proportionate rock shapes and sizes to artistically vail your slide, our designs include consideration and space for landscapers to strategically place plants for maximum beauty.

We offer three types of enjoyment enhancing slides to add pleasure to your backyard waterfall masterpiece.

  • The Classic, our most standard slide, is a stand-alone, space-saving and cost-saving option to liven up your water feature. This design requires less water and includes a set of steps as well as options for accentuating rock work, including optional stone steps and safety railings.
  • The Deluxe, our semi-custom steel-framed slide, is secured to a concrete footing and requires more water than our standard slide. It costs more and also takes up more space. It also requires a ground build-up and installation of stone steps (same material as the waterfall) with a consistent riser for safety.
  • The Ultimate, our custom slide, is our largest slide project. Designed in any shape or size, this slide requires the most space and uses the most water. Because of the extensive structure required for the slide’s function and aesthetics, it also tends to be the most expensive of our waterfall fun-enhancing options.

Need more details? Click here for specifications or contact us today to learn more about how you can beautify your backyard with one of our waterfall with slide masterpieces!