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Waterfall Renovations

Waterfall Renovations – Have an existing in-ground pool and desire to add a fun-enhancing backyard waterfall masterpiece? No matter what your pool construction — concrete/gunite, vinyl liner or fiberglass, all we need to add your water feature is a simple return line running from your existing pool. When you add a natural stone waterfall to any in-ground swimming pool, you’re basically recirculating the pool water using the existing pool pump. Other situations, such as a slide or large waterfall installation, require additional pumps or plumbing. Our experts have extensive experience removing decks, building waterfalls on existing decks or integrating structures into the waterfall area. Each option has a different look. When installing a waterfall on an existing pool, one thing to consider is access such as around existing landscaping. We take all of these into consideration when designing your project. Most small to medium-sized waterfalls can be installed in a couple days with minimal disruption to your yard.

Need more details? Click here for specifications or contact us today to learn more about how you can beautify your backyard with one of our waterfall renovation masterpieces!